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Mon, Sep. 1st, 2003, 09:13 am
MIA explained

First of all, I wish to apologize to John... I never intended to abandon you. I wish I could have been at the apartment for the past few days but I was... unable to do so. Sean had had an accident in his car and needed me to be there for him since I was a relative with the same blood type... Sean also sends his apologies and pleas for forgiveness for any harm that has been caused because of him.

Second, I wish to apologize to Ringo for any harm myself or my son have caused him. Whilst Sean was awake, he also wished me to send his plea for forgiveness to you as well.

Thirdly, I wish to apologize for missing Stuart and Astrid's wedding... It sounds as if it was a very lovely occasion. And I congratulate John and Ringo on their marriage as well, it is not often people will admit to having a traditional gay handfasting... or any handfasting for that matter due to the fact it is a pagan event.

Fourthly, to George, I am uncertain as to what this is for, but Sean sends his apologies and pleas for forgiveness to you as well. His words were "Just tell George I'm sorry... for everything."

Sean also sends his apologies to everyone he may have forgotten to include and he "knows" he forgot to include in them... such as Yuka, Maureen, myself (???), and many others.

Sean and I also have this warning for everyone... "Becareful when driving in less populated areas with trees around... Do not be listening to music loudly so you pay no attention to the roads and do not see a huge deer about to bound into your path. And lastly, if you do decide to swirve to miss the deer, try not to turn the wheel sharply and directly into a tree."

He had been on his way to meet some friends and go camping but had a certain time to be there, so he had also been speeding when it all happened, I make this plea to try your best to obey speed limits.

I am very thankful for this... cellular phone thing Sean gave me. Without it, I would not have known of his accident until I had already made it back to John's flat. But, as it was, I recieved the call only moments I had left Sean's living establishment (which I had been cleaning up after he had left). Though I do not know if I was comforted by "Your son escaped more serious injuries because he had on his seat belt." It hurts me to think what could have happened had he not been wearing it... But, he should be able to go home in a few days so then he will be able to once again correspond with everyone.

Since I am unsure if I have a place in John's flat anymore, I will stay at Sean's place until further notice.


Mon, Sep. 1st, 2003 08:10 am (UTC)

You can stay here if you want. I've calmed down. Last night I just kind of said everything in the heat of the moment, or whatever. It would've been much worse if I'd kept it bottled up much longer, so I figured it was time to just say something and get over it.

I still care for you... and I understand why you left now.